The Fletcher Forum
Name: The name of the organization shall forever be “The Fletcher Forum” in honor of the founder Peter Bacon Fletcher.

Purpose: The purpose of “The Fletcher Forum” is for people with different viewpoints to meet and share information and ideas about current social and political issues.

Membership: Membership is open to anyone interested in attending the Fletcher Forum weekly forums and receiving email notices of meetings and events. Anyone may attend the meetings and guests of members are welcome. There is no charge for the first meeting attended. Thereafter, the charge is $1.00 if an individual does not have coffee or a donut, $2.00 if an individual has either a coffee or a donut, and $3.00 if an individual has both coffee and a donut.

Meetings: Meetings of the Forum are held each Saturday morning from 8:30 am to 9:30 am, except during major holidays. The location of the meetings shall be determined by the Chair.

Chair: The individual who serves as Chair of the meetings shall be determined by a vote of the membership. Once appointed the Chair shall serve until removed by the membership. The Chair shall appoint a Secretary, Treasurer and Timekeeper and shall determine the duties of these positions. The Chair shall be responsible for making arrangements for all meetings including set-up and tear-down.

Discussion During Meetings: Except for special topics planned in advance and approved by the Chair, each member is limited to three minutes each time they are recognized by the Chair to introduce a topic or to respond to a topic already under discussion. Members are recognized by the Chair in the order they raise their hands with discretion allowed the Chair in giving everyone the chance to participate. Also, the Chair may recognize members out of order when they are asked questions by other members. If an individual has a topic they feel needs more than three minutes to introduce they should request permission of the Chair a week in advance so it can be announced to the Forum membership and they can prepare to respond to the topic. All attendees shall be respectful of the comments made at the Forum by other participants. Disagreements of a personal nature or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Conduct of Business: Regular business may be conducted by the organization during regular weekly meetings of the Forum providing the Chair declares that business is about to be conducted. A quorum during a regularly scheduled meeting will consist of those present at the meeting. All issues to be voted on shall be decided by a simple majority of those voting.

Changes to these Guidelines: These guidelines may be amended, when necessary, by the Chair of the Forum. If at any time the membership is dissatisfied with the guidelines established by the Chair the membership may either request that the Chair revise or amend the guidelines or may remove and replace the Chair.

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